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CSI-Cancer at the Kuhn laboratory has built and will continue to build a larger collaborative network to disseminate its capabilities and to collaborate on evolving physical sciences concepts that could address specific challenges as part of the organizing framework within the lab and the scientific community at large.  The collaborative network shows the various disciplines and specialties available to CSI-Cancer.  Part of CSI-Cancer is Research Circle, a series of talks designed to communicate results and ideas across disciplines.  See below for a schedule of Research Circle and Invited talks.

Research Circle

Time: Tuesday, 2-3 PM / Location: TRF120B (Large Conference Room)

2016 Schedule:

5/10/2016JanaJournal Club: Proteogenomic characterization of human colon and rectal cancer
5/3/2016Invited speaker: Shri NarayananHuman-centered behavioral informatics: Opportunities for health research and translation
4/26/2016Invited speaker: Urbashi MitraActive Target Detection via Matrix Completion
4/19/2016RafaelSoftware & Tools Demo
4/12/2016Paymaneh & KevinJournal Club: Gleason grading of prostate cancer and classification of neuroendocrine prostate tumors
4/5/2016Invited speaker: Mehul AminNeuroendocrine differentiation of prostate cancer
3/29/2016LiyaJournal Club: Detection of T790M, the Acquired Resistance EGFR Mutation, by Tumor Biopsy versus Noninvasive Blood-Based Analyses
3/22/2016Invited speaker: Nick Vassilakis (Astute Inc)Remote Patient Monitoring
3/16/2016 (Wed)Invited speaker: Don BerryIrreproducible Research and Statistical Inference
3/8/2016Cancelled (seminars at HCC)
3/1/2016Invited speaker: Nicos PetasisUnique actions of aspirin in inflammation and cancer
2/23/2016LisaJournal Club: Analysis of Circulating Tumor DNA to Monitor Metastatic Breast Cancer
2/16/2016PaymanehJournal Club: EpCAM-Independent Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells in Metastatic Breast Cancer
2/10/2016 (Wed)Invited speakers: John Gounley and Amanda RandlesTowards a computational fluid-structure interaction simulation of circulating tumor cells
2/2/2016 (1pm, RRI101)Invited speaker: Janna NawrothCiliary Fluid Mechanics in Organisms and Engineered Systems (co-hosted with Scott Fraser)
1/26/2016Site Visit
1/19/2016 (1pm)Invited speaker: Keigo MachidaTherapeutic Immunoglobulin targeting Tumor-initiating Stem-like Cells for Treatment of Malignant Cancer with fast and accurate diagnosis

2015 Schedule:

12/16/2015Lu Martelo, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterSingle-cell sequencing from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples: a powerful tool to address intra-tumor genetic heterogeneity
12/09/2015David Cobrinik, Childrens' Hospital of Los AngelesSingle Cell Analyses of Human Retina and Retinoblastoma Development
12/02/2015Mani Sendurai, MD AndersonEpithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Cancer Stem Cells in Metastasis
11/25/2015Cancelled (Thanksgiving)
11/18/2015AndersImmunotherapy in cancer: Summary of SITC 2015
11/11/2015Chad Martin & Alex WormuthHexCare: Supporting Medical Research Involving Wearable Devices
11/04/2015Michaela Miklikova, Charles University, Plsen, Czech RepublicMesenchymal Stem Cells at Plsen, Czech Republic
10/28/2015Sara, Lisa, Carmen & PaymanehUpdate from the genomics team
10/21/2015Dana Goldman and teamHealth Economics workshop
10/14/2015Bingsen Zhou, Fulgent TherapeuticsRibonucleotide Reductase (RR) is an Important Enzyme for Chemotherapy target and Cancer Biomarker
10/07/2015ATOM-HP Site Visit
09/23/2015Anders & PeterLung cancer update
09/16/2015Stacey FinleyComputational systems biology: Predicting cancer signaling dynamics
ATOM-HP Workshop
09/02/2015Anders & MariamManuscript Summaries
08/26/2015Keyue shen - session 2
Engineering Cell Microenvironments for Cancer Therapeutics
08/19/2015Orest BoykoImaging of brain molecules in neurologic diseases utilizing MR Spectroscopy: A Green Imaging Technology
08/12/2015Keyue ShenEngineering Cell Microenvironments for Cancer Therapeutics
08/05/2015Elizabeth Fini (USC IGM)GPR158
07/22/2015LiyaJournal Club
07/22/2015BUGS students: Serena, Katie, Sophie, JosephMidterm presentations
07/22/2015Beatrice Knudsen and Arek Gertych (Cedar-Sinai biobank, translational pathology)Digital Image Analysis meets Pathology – a new "OMICS" platform
07/08/2015JeremySummary of conference
07/01/2015Milind Pore (10 am)Interview for postdoc position
06/17/2015MariamOverview of sample cohorts
06/10/2015Cancelled (Carmen presenting at HSC)
06/03/2015Anders & AnnaJournal Club
05/27/2015Fengzhu SunFinding Genetic Overlaps among Diseases based on Ranked Gene Lists
05/20/2015Ryan PawellMicrofluidics for manufacturing affordable and scalable cell-derived gene therapies
05/13/2015Fredrika & AndersVascular mimicry – does VE-cadherin add diagnostic utility in Lung Cancer?
05/05/2015Zaki and JeffreyComputational Tumor Ecology
04/29/2015Erik & AnnaIMC journal club, summary of results and plans ahead
04/15/2015Marcus YaffeeBiocompatible imaging probes for diagnostics and therapeutics.
04/08/2015No talkPharmacokinetics course
04/01/2015LanJournal Club
03/25/2015Masahiro KitanoLong-term imaging of tumor cell heterogeneity derived from endogenous single cells in vivo
03/18/2015Joseph DunhamGenomic heterogeneity in planaria, virus and associated NGS technology development.
03/11/2015Kuhn lab internal meetingManuscript/Studies/Projects update: "What samples for what goal?"
03/04/2015Charles McKenna, Inah KangBisphosphonates as drugs and probes for bone metastasis
02/25/2015AlexaLMIC (Low and middle-income countries) assay
02/18/2015Invited speaker: Jian Tajbakhsh3D Epigenetic Patterns as Biomarkers in High-Content Cell-by-Cell Analysis
02/11/2015Invited speakers: Jonathan Katz and Kian KaniA practical example of model-based biomarker discovery by quantitative proteomics
02/04/2015FariborzEphA3/EphrinA5 signaling and structure / Predicting effect of EGFR inhibitors
01/28/2015Jeremy & AndersBC and LC longitudinal data
01/21/2015PeterManuscript/Studies/Project overview and update

Invited Talks