Postdoctoral Positions in Precision Oncology Science

The Kuhn and Hicks Laboratory at the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience (Los Angeles, CA) is looking for three postdoctoral fellows to focus on specific single cell and liquid biopsy projects in breast, lung and prostate cancer. Critical to being a successful candidate are the determination to improving outcomes for cancer patients through scientific discovery and the application of computational and analytical skills to complex data sets.

Breast Cancer Focus: Understanding the temporal evolution of breast cancer under therapeutic pressure using a multimodal liquid biopsy approach.

Lung Cancer Focus: Earlier diagnosis to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients using an integration of clinical and liquid biopsy data.

Prostate Cancer Focus: Stratification of early stage/organ confined prostate cancer patients using single cell science.

Summary: The Convergent Science Initiative in Cancer (CSI-Cancer) at the USC Michelson Center is conducting a series of clinical studies to understand the temporal evolution of cancer in patients using single cell proteogenomic techniques on liquid and solid biopsies. The Kuhn-Hicks Laboratory has established an experimental workflow with which we can characterize solid and liquid biopsies from cancer patients. We are conducting clinical studies jointly with our clinical collaborators to characterize the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of cancer to better manage treatment choices.

Scientific Interests and Skills: Successful candidates will have a strong commitment to improving outcomes for cancer patients through scientific discovery and implementation. Computational and analytical skills are critical to the success of this project given the complexity of assembling and analyzing diverse data sets from single cell proteogenomics, treatment and clinical data for the understanding of intra-patient and inter-patient heterogeneity and treatment responses. Therefore, experience in the fields of computer/data science, mathematics, image analysis, or bioinformatics will be highly valued but not specifically required.

Applicants should contact Prof. Peter Kuhn ( and Prof. Jim Hicks (