Peter Kuhn, PHD

Director, CSI-Cancer

Dean’s Professor of Biological Sciences and Professor of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

James Hicks, PHD

Research Professor

Department of Biological Sciences
Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Jeremy Mason, PHD

Assistant Professor of Research

Department of Urology
Keck School of Medicine

Dr Jorge Nieva, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Department of Medicine
Keck School of Medicine

Administration STAFF

Elvia Nunez

Program Manager

Allie Welsh

Program Administrator

Kathlynn Alba

Administrative Assistant II

Research Scientists

Anand Kolatkar, PHD

Carmen Ruiz Velasco, PHD

Mohan Singh, PHD

Postdoctoral Scholars

Stephanie Shishido, PHD

Liya Xu, PHD

Milind Pore, PHD

Varsha Sundaresan, PHD

Chen-Ching Patrick Peng, PHD

Graduate Students

Lisa Welter

PhD Candidate

Molecular Biology

Jiyoun Seo

PhD Student

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Paymaneh Malihi

PhD Candidate

Molecular Biology

Shoujie Chai

PhD student

Molecular Biology

Joseph Larsen

PhD Candidate

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Nikki Higa

PhD student

PIBBS: Cancer Biology and Genomics

Libere Ndacayisaba

PhD candidate

PIBBS: Medical Biophysics

Kien Nguyen

PhD student

Computer Science

Technical Support staff

Xiomara Villasenor

Research Associate

Sev R.

Specialized Lab Technician

Kai Han Tu

Specialized Lab Technician

Sujin Jeong

Research Associate

Ching-Ju (Ruu) Hsu

Research Associate

Software Engineering (DevOps & IT) Staff

Robin Dominguez

Systems Administrator

Jeff Sue

Systems Analyst

Rafael Navarez

Research Programmer I

Nicholas Matsumoto

Programmer Analyst II

Patient-facing Tech staff

Thuy Truong

Project Manager

Sara Ma

Program Administrator

Paul Lanctot

Programmer Analyst II

Undergraduate Students

More about our star students, check out: Cancer Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)

Kate Rappard

Major: Human Biology
Mentors: Carmen and Libere

Carlisle Maney

Major: Global Health
Mentor: Libere

Isabelle Vu

Major: Human Biology
Mentor: Carmen

Mihir Kumar

Major: Health and Human Sciences
Mentor: Stephanie and Varsha

Michael Morikado

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Mentors: Paymaneh and Libere

Ryan Storgard

Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Paymaneh

Ayeshna Desai

Health and Human Sciences
Mentor: Carmen

Vera Hsu

Major: Biochemistry
Mentor: Lisa

Kate Cunningham

Major: Quantitative Biology
Mentor: Carmen

Amanda Hmelar

Major: Global Health
Mentor: Paymaneh

Eric Yang

Major: Quantitative Biology
Mentor: Libere

Sean Solomon

Major: Mathematics/Economics
Mentor: Libere

Daniel Flores

Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Milind

Arushi Agrawal

Major: Neuroscience
Mentor: Lisa

Olivia Hart

Major: Health and Human Sciences
Mentor: Stephanie and Varsha

Jaden Mullen

Major: Human Biology
Mentor: Jiyoun

Laura Roed

Major: Art, Technology, and Business of Innovation
Mentor: Jeremy

Sachin Narayan

Major: Biochemistry
Mentor: Stephanie

Cameron Baab

Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Jeremy

High school students

Kelly Hong

Mentor: Stephanie

Lab Alumni

NamePosition in the labDatesCurrent Position
Ms Kelly HongHigh school student intern2018-2019College student, Amherst College
Ms Tayebeh Hosseinzadegan Specialized Lab Technician 2015-2019Coming soon
Mr Dillon McKinlyUndergraduate Student2015-2019Fulbright Scholar, Czech Republic
Ms Divya SripathyUndergraduate Student2017-2019Graduate Student, USC Marshall School of Business
Ms Preeya KatiUndergraduate Student2017-2019Coming soon
Mr Matthew LinUndergraduate Student2016-2019Medical Student, Keck School of Medicine of USC
Ms Angela ChenUndergraduate Student2016-2019Graduate Student, USC School of Pharmacy
Mr Rahul MassonUndergraduate Student 2016-2019Medical student, Keck School of Medicine of USC
Mr Ali AshemiUndergraduate Student2018-2019Coming soon
Mr Ankur RastogiUndergraduate Student2018- 201923andMe
Mr. Shaobo LiRotation StudentSpring 2019PhD graduate student, Joseph Wiemels lab
Mr. Peter Savari Rotation StudentSpring 2019PhD graduate student, The Smith Lab
Ms. Amanda MeyerRotation StudentFall 2018PhD graduate student, Andrew McMahon lab
Mr. Benjamin OrmsethResearch Lab Technician II2017 – 2018Medical Student, The Ohio State School of Medicine
Mr. Joseph BaeUndergraduate Student2016 – 2018Medical Student
Mr. Christopher KohlerUndergraduate Student2016 – 2017Medical Student, Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University
Dr. Jana-Aletta ThielePhD Student with Charles University in Prague2015 – 2018Postdoctoral Fellow, Charles University in Prague
Ms. Sophia WixUndergraduate Student2015 – 2018Medical Student, TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine
Ms. Serena ZhengUndergraduate Student2015 – 2018Medical Student, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Dr. Michaela MiklikovaExchange Postdoctoral Fellow2015 – 2016Postdoctoral Fellow, Charles University in Prague
Dr. Anna Sundstrom-GerdtssonPostdoctoral Scholar2014 – 2018Postdoctoral Scholar, Lund University, Sweden
Mr. Erik GerdtssonResearch Lab Specialist 2014 – 2018Imaging Scientist, ImaGene-iT
Dr. Fredrika CarlssonPostdoctoral Scholar; Research Associate2014 – 2016Scientist, Alligator Bioscience, Lund, Sweden
Ms. Lan ZhouResearch Assistant2013 – 2015PhD Graduate Student, Arizona State University
Dr. Edna FloresScripps Clinical Fellow2013 – 2014Medical Director, The Cancer Institute at Pioneers Hospital, Brawley, CA
Dr. Aadel ChaudhuriProfessional Scientific Collaborator2013 – 2014Chief Resident, Radiation Oncology, Stanford HealthCare
Ms. Newsha SahafResearch Assistant III2013 – 2014Research Associate, Fate Therapeutics
Dr. Jennifer AuScripps Clinical Fellow2013 – 2014Physician, Internal Medicine, Scripps Clinic
Dr. Zheng ToppScripps Clinical Fellow2013 – 2014Physician, Hematology, Scripps Green Clinic Oncology
Dr. Mariam Rodriguez LeeResearch Associate; Research Scientist2013 – 2013; 2013 – 2018Coming soon
Dr. Anders CarlssonPostdoctoral Scholar; Research Scientist2012 – 2015, 2015 – 2016Consultant, Bionamic Data Consulting AB, Lund Sweden
Ms. Nadia EbrahimResearch Assistant2012 – 2014Alliances Manager, Epic Sciences
Dr. Luisa Fernandez AltunaResearch Associate2012 – 2014Scientist, Epic Sciences
Ms. Janett StoehrResearch Assistant Trainee2012 – 2013Research Assistant, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia
Ms. Magdalena PanettaSummer Intern2012Figure Staking Coach, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Dr. Garry Jason ForseResearch Associate2011- 2013Principal Scientist, Grifols Biologicals
Ms. Natalie FelchResearch Assistant2011 – 2013Coming soon
Dr. Mohsen SabouriBioinformatics Analyst2011 – 2013President, Computational Biodiscovery, Inc.
Ms. (Julia) Su Zhou LiResearch Assistant2011 – 2013PhD Graduate Student, Kellogg School of Science and Technology, TSRI
Ms. Meghana BhimaraoSummer Intern2011Graduate Student in Biostatistics, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Dr. Angel Ernesto Dago RodriguezResearch Associate2010 – 2014Genomics Scientist, Epic Sciences
Ms. Rachelle Kareen Jessica LamyResearch Assistant2010 – 2012Scientific Associate, Sequenom
Mr. Thomas MetznerResearch Assistant2010 – 2012Research Assistant/Clinical Research Coordinator, Stanford University Medical Center
Ms. Loressa UsonResearch Assistant2010 – 2012PhD Candidate, Weil Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Ms. Meghana HonnattiResearch Assistant2010 – 2011Biomedical Project Lead, Epic Science
Dr. Melissa TorreyOncology Research Fellow2010 – 2011Staff Oncologist, Scripps Clinic
Dr. Edward ChoResearch Associate2010 – 2011Senior Scientist, BioNano Genomics
Mr. Daniel MalinowskiSummer Intern2010Dartmouth College, Hannover, NH
Dr. Yelena PetrovaResearch Associate2009 – 2011Statistical Programmer, Vertex Data Designs
Dr. Craig YoshiokaResearch Programmer2009 – 2011Research Programmer, TSRI
Dr. Marco WendelResearch Associate2009 – 2011Senior Manager Buisness Insights and Analytics- Hematology, Business Intelligence at Janssen
Dr. Xing YangScientific Associate2009 – 2010VP of Technology, BioNanomatrix
Mr. Devin SokGraduate Student2009 – 2010Research Project Manager, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
Dr. Ethan SchramOncology Research Fellow2009 – 2010Staff Oncologist at Epic-Care
Dr. David NelsonVisiting Investigator2009 – 2010President and CEO, Splash Pharmaceuticals, Inc, San Diego, CA
Ms. Madelyn LuttgenResearch Assistant II2008 – 2014Law Clerk, Fish & Richardson P.C., San Diego, CA
Dr. Michael McCormickResearch Associate2008 – 2013Technology Specialist, Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.; Suffolk University of Law School
Mr. Lawrence AllinResearch Assistant III2008 – 2012Quality Control III, Baxter Biosciences
Dr. Cromwell Cornillez-TyStaff Scientist2008 – 2011Research & Management in the Life Sciences
Mr. Michael MalchiodiResearch Assistant2008 – 2011Research Associate, Epic Sciences
Dr. Sumana ChandramouliResearch Associate2008 – 2009Scientific Associate, Novartis
Dr. Edward HuynhOncology Research Fellow2008 – 2009Pacific Oncology Hematology Associates
Mr. Daniel LazarResearch Assistant2007 – 2012Research Assistant, TSRI
Dr. Beili WuResearch Associate2007 – 2011Professor, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, CAS, Shanghai, P.R. China
Ms. Theresa TranResearch Intern; Summer Intern2007-2008; 2009UCSD
Dr. Jennifer FisherOncology Research Fellow2007 – 2008Oncology Associates, San Diego, CA
Dr. Vadim CherezovAssistant Professor2006 – 2013Professor, The Bridge at USC
Mr. Peter ClarkResearch Assistant I2006 – 2010Professional Helicopter Pilot & Instructor
Dr. Jerome DupuyResearch Associate2006 – 2008Assistant Professor, Marseille-Luminy University, France
Ms. Leila DavisResearch Assistant2006 – 2008Not available yet
Dr. Nicole LazarusResearch Associate2006 – 2008Scientific Associate at PARC
Mr. Joshua KunkenBioinformatics Analyst2005 – 2014Data Scientist/Engineer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Ms. Sophie DaudenardeResearch Assistant2005 – 2009Biotech Marketing, Gilead Sciences, Boston, MA
Ms. Michelle KrausResearch Assistant2005 – 2007Scientist, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Matthew LeachResearch Assistant I2005 – 2007Medical School, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Ms. Christine ChenResearch Assistant2005 – 2006Graduate student – UCSB
Mr. Enrique RayonSummer Intern2005Bio-Mechanical Engineer, NuVasive
Dr. Dena MarrinucciGraduate Student; Scientific Associate2004 – 2009; 2009 – 2010Founder and VP of Truvivian Sciences
Dr. Kumar SaikatenduResearch Associate2004 – 2008Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceutical
Ms. Sophie CoonResearch Programmer III2004 – 2007Research Programmer, Illumina
Ms. Vanitha SubramanianResearch Assistant I2004 – 2007Scientist, Novartis
Dr. Alexei BroounScientific Associate2004 – 2007Group Leader, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Maneesh YadavGraduate Student2004 – 2007Quantitative Research Analyst, Graham Capital Management, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Jill E. ChrencikResearch Associate2004 – 2007Principal Scientist, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Scott FosterResearch Assistant2004 – 2006Executive Director and Director of Coaching, Liverpool FC International Academy
Dr. Lindsay KroenerResearch Assistant2004 – 2005Assistant Clinical Professor in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, UCLA
Dr. Enrique AbolaResearch Scientist (Staff)2003 – 2014Semi-retired
Dr. Jeremiah JosephStaff Scientist2003 – 2012Scientist, Ferring Pharmaceuticals