ATOM-HP: Human Performance Optimization

ATOM_HPAnalytical Technologies to Objectively Measure Human Performance (ATOM-HP)

This program is a joint effort of the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Strategic Initiatives and the Department of Defense’s Rapid Response Technology Office. It is aimed at improving the lives of cancer patients undergoing treatment and the successful mission completion/survival of warfighters. Both the patient and the warfighter suffer from treatment/duty induced fatigue that impairs their ability to survive/perform. While the sources of the fatigue might be different, the measurement approaches might be similar.

ATOM-HP Project Flowchart

The two year project will be led by a multidisciplinary team of scientists with expertise in the diverse fields of medicine, physiology, mathematics, physics and computer science with the goal of identifying the necessary sensors for the optimal measurement of human performance in cancer patients and warfighters, then producing plans and ultimately prototypes for these devices. Administratively, the group will create 4 satellite sites, which shared personnel and goals for completion of the project. The 4 sites will be (1) Keck School of Medicine (2) Viterbi School of Engineering (3) Dornsife College of Arts and Letters and (4) Human Performance Labs. The first 3 sites are all on the campus of the  University of Southern California, while the 4th site is located on a US Navy base in Point Loma, CA.


Lead Personnel

Jorge Nieva MD: Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Keck School of Medicine will provide overall project leadership and will carry out the human clinical trials in cancer patients. 1441 Eastlake Ave NTT 3440, Los Angeles, CA 90033,

Peter Kuhn PhD: Professor of Physics, Dornsife College, will provide software and device integration and be responsible for industry relationships with device vendors. 3430 S. Vermont Ave., Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90089-3301,

Cyrus Shahabi PhD: Professor of Computer Science, Viterbi School of Engineering, will provide technology for data capture and analysis of the multiple streams of time series data that the project will generate. University of Southern California, University Park Campus, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781.

Paul Newton PhD: Professor of Mathematics, Viterbi School of Engineering, will provide models for analyzing the relevant endpoints of the study. University of Southern California, University Park Campus, Los Angeles, CA  90089-4012.

Karen Kelly PhD: Physiologist and Director, US Navy Human Performance Labs, will be responsible for carrying out the trials in warfighters. Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, CA .