CSI-CANCER Research Explained


The Kuhn/Hicks laboratory aims to improve cancer patient care and outcomes by integrating patient clinical data and single cell data to understand cancer as a dynamic system that is constantly changing in both time and space at the cellular, human, and population levels. Current cancer testing has risk of late detection and overtreatment! Due to this we focus on using a simple blood sample to learn about the disease in each patient across the time continuum. Through the use of historically available data and the cellular data collected from these blood samples, we have to be able to predict how well a patient will do on treatment, allowing them to make more informed decisions with their care provider.

With the goal of providing patients with hope for the future and certainty about their cancer care, we have used internet-based technologies to connect and help patients around the world securely and anonymously share their data. This enables them to better understand the status of their own health and cancer while comparing their journey to that of other people in a similar situation. This also enables researchers to use newer data in real time, which could speed up cancer research and lead to greater impacts in patient care and outcomes.

Making a difference in cancer patient lives is a great challenge, but today we have concrete opportunities to do so! For more information visit us at kuhn.usc.edu


Drawing from a phone call recorded by Danielle Hernendez to her mother, Violet, following an updated prognosis on her breast cancer treatment, Dani combines non-fiction narrative with the tactile experience of stop-motion animation.  The project seeks to illustrate the tenacious bonds between everyday life and science, and the human networks that support us.

This film was supported by BASA: https://www.bridgeartsci.org/projects.

Revealing The Red Ant