Quantitative Biology: From Molecules to Man

Quantitative Biology: From Molecules to Man. Presented by The University of Southern California and the New York Academy of Sciences Quantitative Biology: From Molecules to Man will bring together professionals in science, medicine, and engineering to articulate a vision for the future of improving patient health outcomes.  Convergence science provides for a data-driven understanding of...
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Structure of the EphA3 receptor/ephrin-A5 Ligand Complex

The Kuhn laboratory at the Bridge Institute at the University of Southern California and the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (La Jolla, CA) report the first crystal structure of the ligand binding domain of human EphA3 receptor in complex with its preferred ligand, ephrin-A5. EphA3 receptor, a member of the receptor tyrosine kinase family, is a...
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Night at the Lab – METAVivors

The Kuhn Laboratory at the Bridge Institute will be hosting a “Night at the Lab” and will be welcoming METAvivors –  a group of metastatic breast cancer patients, survivors and family members website link. This outreach event provides an informal setting for cancer researchers and people affected by breast cancer to share research advancements, concerns...
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FLUIDIGM. Beyond Biology’s Next Frontier. An evening exploring the promise of single-cell science

Beyond Biology’s Next Frontier. Fluidigm is hosting an event to explore the promise of single-cell science. Three guest speakers (Scott Fraser, PhD, Jim Hicks, PhD, and Akil Merchant, MD, of USC) will share their vision for single-cell research integrating genomic and proteomic approaches. Paul Steinberg of Fluidigm will postulate the beginning of a revolution in single-cell biology and...
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New IOP Journal: Convergent Science Physical Oncology

“Novel journal unites physical oncology researchers.”, the article from medicalphysicsweb.org highlights Convergent Science Physical Oncology, a new launch from IOP Publishing. It aims to bring together all researchers working within the physics of cancer. Dr. Peter Kuhn is a founding editor. Read more.