Give your doctor a movie,
not a snapshot

House calls for the modern era

Every 3 weeks, a cancer patient in chemotherapy spends about 8 minutes with their doctor. The data from the following 30,000 minutes is completely lost. We aim to quantify and utilize that data to provide better care.

Comprehensive Data Leads to Better Decisions

But with only 8 minutes, how can we get a complete picture of the patient's health?

ATOM-HP is a clinical trial that uses an IoT approach to quantify a patient's performance status by comparing lontitudinal data with physician assessed performance status. This is our first step in utilizing the other 30,000 minutes.


An IoT Approach to Patient Care

We are using a whole range interconnected sensors and devices to continually monitor the well-being of patients

With data collected from symptom monitoring and objective measures, we can create a safety net for cancer patients at home.


Objectively Measuring Performance

AtomHP combines the Microsoft Kinect, Microsoft Band, and the FitBit Scale to give comprehensive information.

We collect data through clinical trials of outpatient monitoring with IoT devices and 3D-motion-capture of performance tests.


Let's share this data with the people in control.

Patients know their health best. With the right tools, they can make the best use of their medical data, helping themselves and the community.

Video coming soon.


Cancer is a wicked problem.

Every twenty seconds someone is diagnosed with cancer in the United States alone.

Since you've accessed this site, this is how many people have been diagnosed.

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