Lab Alumni

NamePosition in Kuhn LabDatesCurrent Position  
Dr. Jeremiah JosephStaff Scientist2003 - 2012Scientist, Dart NeuroScience
Dr. Enrique AbolaResearch Scientist (Staff)2003 - 2014Semi-retired
Dr. Kumar SaikatenduResearch Associate2004 - 2008 Scientist, Takeda Pharma
Dr. Dena MarrinucciGraduate Student; Scientific Associate2004 - 2009 Director of Clinical Services, Epic Sciences
Ms. Sophie CoonResearch Programmer III2004 - 2007 Research Programmer, Illumina
Ms. Vanitha SubramanianResearch Assistant I2004 - 2007Research Assistant II, Astra Zeneca Pharma.
Dr. Lindsay KroenerResearch Assistant2004 - 2005OB/GYN Resident, UCLA
Mr. Scott FosterResearch Assistant2004 - 2006Graduate student - UCSF
Dr. Alexei BroounScientific Associate2004 - 2007 Group Leader, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Maneesh YadavGraduate Student2004- 2007 Analyst, Morgan Stanley
Dr. Jill E. ChrencikResearch Associate2004 - 2007 Principal Scientist, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Enrique RayonSummer Intern2005Bio-Mechanical Engineer, NuVasive
Ms. Sophie DaudenardeResearch Assistant2005 - 2009Biotech Marketing, Gilead Sciences, Boston, MA
Ms. Michelle KrausResearch Assistant2005 - 2007 Research Assistant II, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Matthew LeachResearch Assistant I2005 - 2007Medical School, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Ms. Christine ChenResearch Assistant2005 - 2006Graduate student - UCSB
Mr. Joshua KunkenBioinformatics Analyst2005 - 2014Data Scientist/Engineer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Mr. Peter ClarkResearch Assistant I2006 - 2010Professional Helicopter Pilot & Instructor
Dr. Vadim CherezovAssistant Professor2006 - 2013Professor, The Bridge at USC
Dr. Nicole LazarusResearch Associate2006 - 2008Scientific Associate at PARC
Dr. Jerome DupuyResearch Associate2006 - 2008 Assistant Professor, Marseille-Luminy University, France
Ms. Leila DavisResearch Assistant2006 - 2008Unknown
Dr. Beili WuResearch Associate2007 - 2011Professor, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai P.R. China
Dr. Jennifer FisherOncology Research Fellow2007 - 2008Oncology Associates San Diego
Mr. Daniel LazarResearch Assistant2007 - 2012Research Assistant, TSRI
Ms. Theresa TranResearch Intern; Summer Intern2007-2008; 2009UCSD
Ms. Madelyn LuttgenResearch Assistant II2008 - 2014Graduated, JD, Suffolk University of Law School   
Dr. Michael McCormickResearch Associate2008 - 2013Technology Specialist, Choate Hall and Stewart LLP, Boston
Dr. Sumana ChandramouliResearch Associate2008 - 2009Scientific Associate, Novartis
Dr. Edward HuynhOncology Research Fellow2008 - 2009Pacific Oncology Hematology Associates
Dr. Cromwell Cornillez-TyStaff Scientist2008 - 2011Research & Management in the Life Sciences
Mr. Lawrence AllinResearch Assistant III2008 - 2012Quality Control III, Baxter Biosciences
Mr. Michael MalchiodiResearch Assistant2008 - 2011Research Associate, Epic Sciences
Dr. Xing YangScientific Associate2009 - 2010VP of Technology, BioNanomatrix
Dr. David NelsonVisiting Investigator2009 - 2010CEO, Epic Sciences
Dr. Yelena PetrovaResearch Associate2009 - 2011Statistical Programmer, Vertex Data Designs
Dr. Marco WendelResearch Associate2009 - 2011Consultant, Novumed GmbH
Mr. Devin SokGraduate Student2009 - 2010Research Project Manager, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
Dr. Craig YoshiokaResearch Programmer2009 - 2011Research Programmer, TSRI
Dr. Ethan SchramOncology Research Fellow2009-2010Staff Oncologist at Epic-Care
Mr. Daniel MalinowskiSummer Intern2010Dartmouth College, Hannover, NH
Ms. Rachelle Kareen Jessica LamyResearch Assistant2010 - 2012Scientific Associate, Sequenom
Dr. Edward ChoResearch Associate2010 - 2011Senior Scientist, BioNano Genomics
Mr. Thomas MetznerResearch Assistant2010 - 2012Research Assistant/Clinical Research Coordinator, Stanford University Medical Center
Ms. Meghana HonnattiResearch Assistant2010 - 2011Biomedical Project Lead, Epic Science
Dr. Angel Ernesto Dago RodriguezResearch Associate2010 - 2014Genomics Scientist, Epic Sciences
Dr. Melissa TorreyOncology Research Fellow2010 - 2011Staff Oncologist, Scripps Clinic
Ms. Loressa UsonResearch Assistant2010-2012Graduate Student, Cornell University
Ms. Meghana BhimaraoSummer Intern2011Student, University of California Berkeley
Ms. Natalie FelchResearch Assistant2011 - 2013Unknown
Dr. Mohsen SabouriBioinformatics Analyst2011 - 2013President, Computational Biodiscovery
Ms. (Julia) Su Zhou LiResearch Assistant2011 - 2013PhD Graduate Student, Kellogg School of Science and Technology, TSRI
Dr. Garry Jason ForseResearch Associate2011- 2013Principal Scientist, Grifols Biologicals
Ms. Magdalena PanettaSummer Intern2012 Student
Ms. Janett StoehrResearch Assistant Trainee2012 - 2013TECOdevelopment GmBH
Ms. Nadia EbrahimResearch Assistant2012 - 2014Alliances Manager, Epic Sciences
Dr. Luisa Fernandez AltunaResearch Associate2012 - 2014Scientist, Epic Sciences
Dr. Anders CarlssonPostdoctoral Scholar; Research Scientist2012 - 2015Consultant, Bionamic Data Consulting AB, Lund Sweden
Ms. Newsha SahafResearch Assistant III2013 - 2014Research Associate, Fate Therapeutics
Dr. Aadel ChaudhuriProfessional Scientific Collaborator2013 -  2014General Resident Physician, Stanford University School of Medicine
Ms. Lan ZhouResearch Assistant2013 - 2015Graduate Student, Arizona State University
Dr. Jennifer AuScripps Clinical Fellow2013 - 2014Physician, Internal Medicine, Scripps Clinic
Dr. Edna Flores Scripps Clinical Fellow2013 - 2014Medical Director, The Cancer Institute at Pioneers Hospital, Brawley, CA
Dr. Zheng Topp Scripps Clinical Fellow2013 - 2014Physician, Hematology, Scripps Green Clinic Oncolog
Dr. Fredrika CarlssonPostdoctoral Scholar;Research Associate2014 - 2016Scientist, Alligator Bioscience, Lund, Sweden
Dr. Michaela MiklikovaExchange Postdoctoral Fellow2015 - 2016Postdoctoral Fellow, Charles University in Prague
Conor KorbinHackathon Hacker2017
Deydeep Kothapalli Hackathon Hacker2017
Linda XuHackathon Hacker2017