Convergence Science Initiative – Cancer: CSI-Cancer

  • CSI Cancer is focused on improving the lives of cancer patients through scientific insights relevant to individual patients.CSI_Flower
  • CSI Cancer at USC is led by Dr. Peter Kuhn (email: and each project is led by a team comprised of patients, medical doctors, scientists and students focused on solving the clinical challenge through basic science breakthroughs that can be translated into real world solutions.


cancerbasesideblue (1)Basic yet critical information about most cancers and how they spread through the body just isn’t readily available. Today, CancerBase, a grassroots collaboration of patients, scientists, and social media volunteers, will go live with a way to connect patients all around the world to solve this problem, providing critical information to patients. Our goal is to bring together millions of patients to anonymously contribute the “what, when, and where” of their cancers, empowering themselves, each other, and scientists to see cancer more clearly. READ MORE>>>

CSI Cancer and the Kuhn laboratory at USC are proud to be part of CancerBase.

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